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Jim Clune

Featured Fly Tyer

My passion for fly fishing and fly tying began in my early teens. My good Mother drove me to Roy Brown’s Tackle Box in Shushan, N.Y. for weekly fly tying lessons. Soon after I was tying jigs for Battenkill Brands, Phil Dustin’s store in Salem. Growing up in Salem with a free-range childhood and the subsequent high school years allowed access to all the local trout streams and creeks. Then with a driver’s license I was able to fish the lower river- the Rexleigh and East Greenwich Battenkill waters.


After college, the Army, and a brief period living elsewhere, I moved to Arlington. I’ve lived in this area ever since, never more then fifteen minutes to the ‘kill. Worked part-time at the Orvis fly fishing school for twenty-six years and now I tie flies in the Manchester store during their festivals.


My son lives in Bend, Oregon so I have to visit  him every fall and fish his high mountain desert country. Last summer my wife and I went to Yellowstone National Park. We missed the Firehole River experience so we’re going to try again this June. I’m fortunate that both my wife and son like to fly fish. Of course all of this requires a lot of fly tying, a den full of books, and a closet with very many fly rods.:)


But as Kurt Vonnegut said; “If this isn’t nice, what is?” So I paraphrase with: If standing in a Battenkill riffle swinging a team of your own wet flies isn’t nice, what is?