Peter Simonson

Featured Fly Tyer

Peter has been fly tying for 25 years, initially just creating flies needed for fishing. He enjoys tying historic streamers from the Rangeley region of Maine. Of special interest are the unnamed and other lesser known streamer patterns of Carrie Stevens. And of course anything that catches fish.

Peter has tied at the International Fly Tying Symposium and The Fly Fishing Show for many years, as well as at smaller shows and at museum events. His work appears in several books and websites. Peter studied streamer tying under Mike Martinek, among others, and credits several old-school social media sites with providing him a rich interactive learning environment for tying streamers and classic Atlantic Salmon flies.

Peter is a retired signal processing systems engineer, and when he’s not tying, he enjoys fly-fishing, kayaking, and hiking. A favorite is fishing for brook trout and big land-locked salmon from pocket water and deep pools in the upper Connecticut River of New Hampshire and from the Rangeley region of Maine. Peter has two grown sons, and lives with his wife Lynne in New Hampshire, where they have been pouring money into a small farmhouse for nearly 40 years.