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Ray Berumen

Taconic Guide Service
Mayfly Lodge

Ray Berumen, owner of Taconic Guide Service and Mayfly Lodge in Manchester, Vermont, grew up in Southern Colorado and was a part of what became known as the A River Runs Through It generation. This lost generation of knowledgeable fly fishers read voraciously the likes of David Whitfield and hung onto every word John Gierach wrote. “The sport of fly fishing was out of reach for most people back then, and you really had to be committed to learning the craft. The lack of internet and tribal knowledge could only take you so far, and as a result we all spent many years learning from our own mistakes.” Ray Berumen is the former Engineering Manager for both Orvis Fly rods USA and British Fly Reels Ltd., Cornwall, England.

The reason I have come to love the Battenkill river is surprisingly not for its fishing as it goes much deeper than that alone. The rugged beauty of natural free flowing, freestone, spring fed crystal clear waters is a unique experience and a lifetime full of endless adventures. The fishing can be pretty good, too..!   

“The Battenkill is my home water.  My children were raised on its banks, many friends and family learned to fly fish in its deep pools and swift riffles and it has given me a place to celebrate creation and to pause, rest and breath.”